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Grilled Swordfish Satay
with rosemary aioli $2.75pp

Chicken Satay
with spicy peanut sauce $2.25pp

Tandori Chicken Satay $2.25pp

Beef Teriyaki Satay $2.25pp

Ahi Satay
with wasabi aioli $2.75pp

Asian Meatballs
skewered with snow peas $2.50pp

Sausage Brochette
served with assorted mustards $1.75pp

Buffalo Wings
with ranch dressing $1.25pp

Jerk Chicken Drumettes $1.25pp

Chicken Empanadas $3.25pp

Chimichangas (chicken or beef)
stuffed mini burrito deep fried & served with sour cream and salsa $2.75pp

Plum Brandy Chicken Bundles
shredded chicken with scallions & plum brandy sauce in a wonton wrapper $2.50pp

Phyllo Cups filled with wild mushrooms &
prosciutto topped with fresh herbs $2.00pp

Pot Stickers
filled with pork and vegetables with
sweet & spicy dipping sauce $2.75pp

Tea Duck Wontons
roast duckling and green onions in a
wonton wrapper with plum sauce $3.00pp

Mushrooms Stuffed with
spinach & bacon $2.25pp

Pork Wontons
served with sweet & sour sauce & hot mustard $2.50pp

Brie, Walnut & Shrimp Tyropita $2.25pp

Chicken, Herb, Mozzarella & Sun Dried
Tomato Tyropita $2.25pp

Salmon & Herb Tyropita $2.25pp

phyllo filled with spinach & feta cheese $2.25pp


All served with assorted bread for dipping

Brie, Roquefort & Wild Mushroom

Cheddar, Tomato & Chipotle Chile

Swiss & Garlic

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